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Mid-week Evening Leagues


Tuesday – 7:45pm, 12-team league

Wednesday - 7:45pm, 12-team league

Thursday – 7:15pm and 9:30pm. 16-team league

To apply or get more info on men’s leagues, click here:  



Monday – 7:30pm. Business Girls league


Mid-week Supper-hour Leagues

Monday – 5:00pm – St. Boniface Hospital (Mixed)

Tuesday – 5:00pm – T-Liners

Wednesday – 5:00pm – Metro League (Mixed)

Thursday – 5:00pm – Source for Sports (Women)

Friday – 5:00pm – Federal Building Mixed


Mid-week Daytime Leagues

Monday - 10:00am - Stick League (Open)

Monday - 11:00am - Stick League (Open)

Monday, Wednesday – 1:00pm – Senior Men - Click here for application form

Tuesday, Thursday – 1:00pm – Ladies

Wednesday, Friday – 9:30am – Big Six (Men)


Weekend Leagues

Friday – 7:15pm and 9:30pm – Friday Night Mixed

Saturday – 10:00am – WPG Hydro (Mixed)

Saturday – 1:00pm - Juniors (Little Rocks, Beginner, Bantam, Regular)

Saturday – 4:00pm – Sunrise (Mixed)

Saturday – (alternate) 6:30pm – Soapstones (Mixed)

Saturday – (alternate) 6:30pm – Young at Heart (Mixed)

Saturday – (alternate) 8:45pm – 2nd Saturday (Mixed)

Sunday – 9:30am – Eagles (Men)

Sunday - 11:45am - HMCS Chippawa

Sunday – 7:00pm – Sunday Sliders (Mixed)


**For contact information call Steve Gilmore (204) 227-0219


***For individual ice/draw times please go to the "Schedule Page" to download a specific draw schedule for your league.



Men's Leagues Application form FGCC_Application_2017.pdf